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Wedding Regrets, Don't Let it Happen to You.

My sister and I for my wedding, 2017

My older sister Dena, (above, left), got married a few years before I did and in that short span of time, the photo and video industry made a giant leap, changing and growing at a rapid rate. Photography, which was necessary, was not nearly the artistic or expressive summation of the big day that it now is, and video was usually an afterthought, if a thought at all.

Even with the boom in the video industry, many brides wait until they've finalized their budgets to even shop video packages and all too often, when something must be sacrificed, video ends up on the chopping block. That is exactly what happened to Dena, for her wedding. With a tight budget, video was eliminated leave room in the budget for other essentials... (wedding favors, decorations, photographs, etc). Fast foward to the present and I cannot count the number of times she's mentioned to me that it was the single biggest regret of her wedding. She sacrificed a video so that every detail of the wedding would be perfect, but now she only has the limited number of photos to remember them by. My parents voiced they wished they'd have expanded the budget for video because they too feel like they'd been denied something special because they didn't prioritize a wedding film.

While pictures are breathtaking and absolutely irreplaceable, they also don't necessarily capture all the changing expressions that happen in a moments time, the tears in someone's voice or the words of a sermon. This is why wedding film is the perfect compliment to a photography package. It expands your memories viewfinder, and in addition to beautiful framed photos in your home, you can look back and hear a loved ones laugh, or see a tear run down a grooms cheek!

As a photographer and film maker, I could go on about the importance of video, by my opinions hold little weight compared to what the average bride has to say. So, what are they saying! An article in PureWow explains that not only do brides who didn't opt for video regret that decision, but those who did hire at least a low budget vendor wish they'd have spent more on a better quality video or video package. Click HERE to read the full article before you say "I do"!

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