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Kirsten + Cody's Homerun Wedding

Picking A Wedding Theme : The Sandlot

More and more, the Pinterest perfect wedding is getting an upgrade and in 2021 it’s not just about wedding colors, but decorating to a wedding theme. While I’m generally not one to bandwagon into on-trend ideas, over the past year, we’ve been impressed by our brides who find unique ways to pull off chic and stunning takes on some of the most random theme ideas! Cody and Kirsten’s wedding was the big theme winner of 2020 with their elegant dusty blue interpretation of the 90s blockbuster, “The Sandlot.” Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, I am talking about the coming of age baseball classic revolving around a baseball diamond, a monstrous dog, and boys being boys. As I write this, I’m imagining your face twisting in confusion thinking; “how on earth could that be an elegant wedding theme?” Allow me to show you.

The Idea Behind the Theme.

Kirsten and Cody are both from Lafayette. Lafayette, Louisiana & Lafayette, Indiana. The two Lafayette natives met after Kirsten’s family volunteered as a host family for a boys competitive baseball team Cody played on when the couple were kids around the same age as those in “The Sandlot.” They became pen pals and over the years became best friends. The rest is history. Kirsten moved down to Louisiana once the two got serious and in 2019, Cody popped the question and they started planning. What better way to celebrate how they met, then to theme their wedding after one of their favorite baseball movies.

The Theme Details - Doing It Without Over Doing It!

With any wedding theme, finding the perfect balance between well done and over done is important. I remember decorating for my own wedding and trying to negotiate my whimsical and romantic style with my husbands more simple and masculine taste. It isn’t easy, but Kirsten and Cody are the perfect example of the perfect compromise. They used very subtle themed items to bring everything together. They avoided any bold decor and stuck to very simple touches.

Groom Details.

From the baseball print chocolates to the Sandlot quote koosies and gifts, Kirsten’s theme was consistent throughout but was so subtle that one might miss it if they weren’t looking.

Bride Details.

On the sentimental side, Cody’s baseball glove and a couple of championship baseballs from his glory days made a cameo along side the other wedding details. They carved out an old baseball to make a custom wedding ring holder to display their bands. They matched their themed decor with dusty blue details and different shades of dark and light blue within the bridal parties attire; the entire theme was pulled together in the most elegant way!


My favorite details of all was their For.Ev.Er cake topper. If you’ve seen the movie, this is not something that needs to be explained because a real fan could never forget Squints repetitive and exaggerated “for - ev - er” from the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, spend the $19.99 on Amazon and educate yourself. It’s a right of passage!

Making it your own

Not every wedding needs a theme, mine certainly did not, but I love that Kirsten and Cody choose a theme that made a statement about how they met. If you are debating a theme, find what means the most to you and represents you best as a couple and work from there!

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when planning out your perfect wedding theme:

  • You and your partner’s style

  • Your venue. Some have the luxury of picking a venue for their theme, but I grew up in a small town with more limited options. It’s okay to reverse engineer your vision if you have to.

  • Weddings you’ve been to that you thought were stunning

  • What story are you hoping to tell and how can your details and decor help to tell it?

Most importantly, don’t overthink or overdo it and enjoy wedding planning!

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