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Harley + Logan | Breaux Bridge, La

As an artist, we strive to create beautiful and unique content that portrays truth, sincerity, and emotion. It is the same mission for each and every photoshoot; to make a fun memory and document the reality of the time we spend together in the most beautiful way possible. We've been asked, how do you keep each photoshoot fresh? Isn't it hard to change it up with each couple, especially if you're visiting a repeat location?

Our answer is always a question. Are any two memories you have the exact same? Right; that isn't much of an explanation, I know. So let me explain with photos from an engagement session we did with Harley and Logan in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Being from Cecilia, and living minutes away from Breaux Bridge, there isn't much in that area I haven't visited or photographed several times over the past decade when I picked up a professional camera. We started the shoot in Downtown Breaux Bridge, making our way toward the Bayou Teche, where we finished the shoot at Parc de Ponts Breaux. All of the locations I've experienced or photographed hundreds of times but this session was sincerely a completely different and magical one even with the same locations and often similar poses.

The main difference: Logan + Harley.

I cannot explain how much laughter happened and how much fun we had rediscovering our roots. We visited, we hung out, and they cuddled (a lot). There is a comfort and authenticity about three friends having a good time enjoying each other's company. I won't think back on this afternoon as a photoshoot, but as time spent with a super adorable and fun couple, who have so much love when they look at each other, but also have perfected the art of goofing off and making each other laugh! This session easily makes our top five favorites because it's perfection simply cannot be replicated, no matter how many trips to Breaux Bridge we are blessed to make in our future!


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