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Taylor + Caleb's Capital Engagement

I did not meet Taylor or Caleb until the day of their shoot, which normally might make me a little nervous that I would have trouble truly capturing their personalities within their gallery, but that was absolutely not the case with these guys! Luckily, they were both so sweet and open and within a few minutes we were all laughing and enjoying our adventure in Baton Rouge. We originally had plans to venture through some of the more urban streets of the capital city, but after finding out that Caleb popped the question in front of the State Capitol (coinscidentally on my birthday), we couldn't not drop by for a quick nostalgic cuddle session. We accidentally happened upon some of the most beautiful tree branches, as if there were painted by Salvador Dali himself which added so much personality to the already breathtaking landscape we were working with! I am so glad I was able to photograph these two and feel like the whole process was just meant to be!

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