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This day wasn't just the start of a marriage, it was the beginning of a whole new blended family! There aren't many love stories as free and open as Kallie and Tye's and it's remarkable how seamlessly the worked together and how intently they support each other!  You could feel that positive energy throughout the day, and while filming we took note of just how many people were inspired by their connection and affection. We hope we've done a good job of capturing it in their film!

This beautiful sunflower inspired wedding took place in Carencro, LA at the Colomb family home on St. Patricks day! Kallie was a vision in her mother's dress and our favorite moment was their adorable first look we were honored to film at Tye and Kallie's new home under these beautiful oak trees!


When Kallie proudly brought me to look around the yard ahead of the wedding she told me about these beautiful oak trees in front that are protected as historical landmarks. She was beaming when she spoke about her family and the history of this beautiful lush yard. We quickly agreed it would be the perfect backdrop for their first look, as these two incredible people merge their lives, their families and begin to build upon their already strong and vibrant history! 

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