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A breathtaking backyard wedding centered around Louisiana love, culture, family and music. The groom and his son were filmed getting ready at a unique old fashion barber shop in historic Downtown Lafayette. From there we met the Bride at her childhood home in Eunice, which doubled as the beautiful backyard venue for the wedding. The happiness in the house was so powerful, our film crew couldn't help but smile!


Jessilyn and Thomas's social circle has such an abundance of personality and musicians, and their classic cajun instruments provided the most perfect southern soundtrack to the David nuptials, including Thomas's own son who is featured on the keyboard at the introduction of their feature film. Every detail of their wedding was saturated with southern culture, and their reception was no exception with entertainment by Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band. All of their closest friends and family were in attendance, including members of the Pine Leaf Boys, a world traveling and well respected cajun band from the area, of which Thomas is a member!

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