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I remember sitting down for coffee with Mallory during our first meeting and loving her sweet personality and openness. We talked about the wedding and her priorities for the film. I was surprised that she requested we use audio from the priests homily rather than from letters she and her fiancé had written. Mallory struck me as a rare bride who prioritized her faith over the frills of a wedding; someone who wanted to remember the advice from her wedding day.


I later found out she was marrying one of the "good ole boys" from my home town. Gage "played ball" with my brother and our families grow up around the same time. He's the country boy type that likes hunting and hanging with the boys. On the day of his wedding, his gift of a Bible to Mallory showed that he too planned to keep God at the center of their marriage! Our goal was to tell that story in their feature film! Enjoy!  

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