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Megan is a musician who stole the heart of a southern family man. They might be world travelers with a number of stamps in their passports, but they maintain a deep love and appreciation for their roots and all that is local. 


Filming for this project actually started weeks earlier with Megan and her mom Michelle. We thought it was so incredible that Megan's dress was handmade and wanted to capture some of those memories for the two of them to look back on. Adam's one request was to prioritize family, and we are so blessed to have had that heads up. We arrived early and capturing his nephews reactions to him driving up were simply priceless! Adam + Megan got married in Eunice on the front steps of Megan's childhood home, surrounded by all their favorite people, followed by a reception at the Warehouse in Rayne. 



"Wedding March" - Linzay Young + Joel Savoy

"Know What's Next" - FeuFollet

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