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Cody and Kirsten’s wedding was the big theme winner of 2020 with their elegant dusty blue interpretation of the 90s blockbuster, “The Sandlot.” Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, I am talking about the coming of age baseball classic revolving around a baseball diamond, a monstrous dog, and boys being boys. Kirsten and Cody are both from Lafayette. Lafayette, Louisiana & Lafayette, Indiana. The two Lafayette natives met after Kirsten’s family volunteered as a host family for a boys competitive baseball team Cody played on when the couple were kids around the same age as those in “The Sandlot.” They became pen pals and over the years became best friends. The rest is history. Kirsten moved down to Louisiana once the two got serious and in 2019, Cody popped the question and they started planning. What better way to celebrate how they met, then to theme their wedding after one of their favorite baseball movies. 

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