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There is so much to say about Laney + Kaitlin, and to be honest, we find it hard to pick a place to start with their description. Therefore, the actual start seems as good a place as any! These two called us up to meet and talk about their wedding...and I could hear in Laney's voice their was some apprehension. We later found out it was a same sex wedding inquiry, and it occurred to us then that the concern in her voice seemed from negativity they'd no doubt received in their planning process. We assured them our company was established to document and retell stories and if they had a story they wanted told, we'd be honored to film it. After spending some time drinking some frozen coffee treats and talking about their vision for the day and getting to know their personalities... we knew instantly their video was going to be so much fun to create! The day itself did not let us down! 


Unknowing to us, Laney + Kaitlin had been keeping a huge secret. They'd actually already legally gotten married, because they simply couldn't wait. They ran off, just the two of them, no bells and whistles and made a life commitment to each other. They got married for them, and this party was truly meant just to celebrate with their closest family and friends, hence their title, They Did + Still Do. From the lace in Laney's dress and fresh flowers they'd chosen to the natural beauty of their venue at the Warehouse in Rayne and the soft light of an overcast day, every detail flowed together like it was simply meant to be. 

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