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I met Lundon and Briggs filming Briggs' older sister's wedding two months before theirs. We could see then that we would have an absolute blast filming their wedding. The day started with the girls dressing and shotgunning beers at Lundon's Basile home. The opening shot of the film features the most beautiful road leading to their little hidden house. From there we traveled through the country to Iota to film Briggs getting ready at The Springs Ballroom in Iota. Lundon met us there later for their first look.


The wedding itself was also held at the ballroom and was short and sweet. It was followed by a serious of the most touching and emotional moments we've ever filmed, and the most crazy and hilarious moments we've ever captured. We tried to include all of the best moments; from tears and snuggles, to chicken legs and a "drunk train."

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