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Evermore Stories | Wedding Photography and Videography Company | Lafayette, Destination, World Wide

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Love stories fascinate us. Not the sappy Nicholas Sparks romance novel types, but the real ones - with awkward first impressions, the guy who finally gets the girl, or the best friends who admit they are more than friends on a drunken, but, honest night! Everyone has a story, we're here to help you tell it! 


We are Donna and Grant, a husband-wife, photo-video team that specialize in capturing the greatest stories you have to tell. We started with love stories, but just as love stories evolve and families grow, so has our company; expanding to capture families, adventures, travel and business.  Evermore Stories is a company that honors all the different moments we are blessed with by capturing their beauty in our viewfinders. 


We are professional and personable - having a tendency to make friends rather than merely "serve clients." Discover more about your story by opening up and sharing it with us, just know we ask sometimes strange and  personal questions but the results will always be true to life and one of a kind. 


Simply, we are anything but cookie cutter because YOU are anything but cookie cutter. We'd love to join you on your journey - and help recount all your best adventures! 


Whether you are planning a wedding, documenting your honeymoon, starting your family, or trying to hold on to memories of a family growing too fast, we have services for you! Whether you want to film your grandma's best stories, or have a business you're proud of and a need to tell your story, we would be honored to capture each and every on of the stories your life has to offer!